Tuna Kiremitçi

Singer-songwriter and author. Born in Eskisehir, Turkey, in 1973, into a family emigrated from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. His first works were the poems published in Varlık magazine when he was a student at high school. His first book composed of poems, titled as “Moonwatchers”, was published in 1994. In the same year, he received Yasar Nabi Nayır Poem Prize for his poems published in his first book.

Back then, he also got involved in music and mastered guitar and bass guitar. He joined a band called “Kumdan Kaleler” as singer-songwritwer and guitarist.

His first novel “Leave Before I Fall In” was published in 2002 and was regarded as the sign for a new generation in Turkish literature. It was followed by “Way Of Loneliness” in 2003, “Three For The Road” in 2005, “Prayers Stay The Same” in 2007, “Icecream For a Boy” in 2009, “Autumn in Thessaloniki” in 2011, “A Matter of Heart” in 2013, “You Are Done My Love” in 2014, “The Man Who Loves Natalie Portman” in 2015 and finally “A Turkish Serial” his last novel which was published in 2016.

Kiremitci’s novels were translated into 14 languages around the world, such as German, French, Arabic and Bulgarian. In 2013, his novel “Way Of Loneliness” was adapted into a screenplay. Also, “Prayers Stay The Same” was adapted into a stage play. Kiremitci’s songs were performed by other musicians such as Haluk Levent, Ajda Pekkan and Müslüm Gürses.

Kiremitçi is teacher in MSGSÜ Fine Arts University Istanbul. He is globally represented by Kalem Agency.

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